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       Steve Levine, Inc.
RE/MAX First Choice
#1 Agent in New England

(508) 845 HOME <4663> - My 24 Hr. Phone#




"Steve Levine's Personal Mission Statement"

I will provide the best service possible for every client I represent.

To be the best Realtor I can be, I am willing to give up a large portion of my personal life to ensure the highest level of service, integrity, and knowledge possible.   To do this, I have committed to being reachable to all of my clients 24 hours a day - 365 Days a year within 10 minutes or less.  This I do not because of my clients expectations, but because of my commitment to their service.

I will never tell a client what they want to hear if it is not reality. I will never enter into a client relationship where I know what is expected of me can not be done in good faith.  I acknowledge that I may periodically lose business because I am truthful with my clients and sometimes my competitors will tell them what they want to hear to temporarily to get their business. In the long run, I know that my honesty will prevail.

I will always remember that to have a winning relationship for my clients, we must always have a mutual goal. I am neither slave - nor master, but a fellow member of a winning team.  While I will bend over backwards day or night to help you meet your goals,  I will not enter into a relationship with people who treat me with disrespect.  I have worked too hard for too many years. 

I will never lose sight of the fact that my honesty, loyalty, understanding, work ethic and creativity are what make me so very different from the real estate masses. I will always promote the best interest of my clients, and I will always disclose to my clients all facts that might affect or influence their decision. Many times, a client and I may disagree, but they will never be left wondering about any hidden agenda.  Anything I have to say about a property is out in the open at all times. In the end, all decisions are the Clients to make, not mine, and I will always respect their decision.

I will freely give of my time and money to help my community and charities. I will never lose sight of how many people in the world are less fortunate than myself.  I will also attempt to educate my fellow agents, and to raise the standard by which Realtors are measured in the public eye.

I will never forget that I can easily go from being the Top Agent in New England to being a Nobody, by losing sight of the fact that I owe to my clients everything that I am or might ever hope to be.  They have placed me where I am today, at the pinnacle of my profession, and they can just as easily take it all away.

I respect your time, and value your business. I know you could go anywhere for your real estate needs, and appreciate having the opportunity to serve you the best way I can.  My family completely owes it's well being to your continued business, and my entire family is grateful for all you have made possible.

                                                                                                                Steve Levine




  Contact Information
(508) 845-HOME - 24 Hour Direct Line (Best #)
(800) 879-0108 x267 - Voice Mail
(508) 842-7888 - Home
(508) 351-1555 - FAX
Postal address
155 Otis Street, Northboro, MA 01532
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Steve Levine Inc and REMAX First Choice are committed to upholding the letter and spirit of all laws relating to Massachusetts Fair Housing.


In Massachusetts, all Real Estate agents represent the Seller not the Buyer in the real estate transaction unless otherwise disclosed.  Steve Levine, an employee and President of Steve Levine Inc., works as a Subagent, Buyers Agent, or Disclosed Dual Agent, at the choice of his clients and customers. Use of this site confirms that the above statement was presented to you before the first personal meetings to discuss a specific property as required by statute. A complete copy of the mandatory agency disclosure form must be viewed HERE  before proceeding

This service is provided by  Steve Levine Inc., as a service to our clients. This is not a public service or governmental site, but a private database. Use of this system is a benefit to our customers and clients, not a right.  We reserve the right to restrict use of this particular database to any person and for any reason. Reasons for exclusion from the database may include but are not limited to those discussed at our FAQ page accessible from the link above.
Anyone attempting to subvert the integrity of the database affects our ability to serve our valued customers, and will be excluded from access.

Question of comments can be directed to:
Steve Levine Inc., c/o REMAX First Choice 155 Otis Street, Northboro, MA 01532

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